Hague-Visby Rules were signed in 1968 in Visby. The Rules establish conditions for carriage of goods by sea under the concluded transportation contract Bill of Lading (B/L). The Rules regulate not only transportation but also the cargo handling, fastening (unless otherwise is provided), loading and unloading.

  • Carrier’s liability in marine transportation is limited to 2 SDR per kg or 666.67 SDR per packing.
  • Facts of cargo damage or loss shall be recorded during cargo acceptance procedure.
  • Reclamations regarding damage of cargo shall be submitted in written no later than within 3 days from delivery of cargo.
  • Value of goods shall be calculated by using the prices of the country where and of the period when the cargo was or had to be unloaded.
  • If for any reasons the consignor delivered the dangerous cargo without informing the agent or marine transportation company, the captain of the ship reserves a right, by giving prior written notice to the consignor, to destroy the cargo in any place of the world at the consignor’s expense or to leave the cargo to store.
  • The carrier may be released from liability if the damage is made because of false information about the cargo, false packing, marking or the poorly prepared accompanying documents.

Summary of Hague-Visby Rules

Bill of Lading